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       We will install top quality Speed Queen® equipment, maintain and service the machines, and collect the coins or the credit/debit card receipts.             

       Our laundry service relieves you from the headaches of managing your own laundry facilities.  All washers and dryers will require some form of service or maintenance from time to time. All service calls come directly to our facility, not yours. We respond to most service requests the same or even the next day, depending upon when the service request comes in. With our vechiles well stocked with replacement parts, we can fix problems fast and  be able to provide any refunds when we respond to a service call. 

       Our commitment is to reduce downtime as much as possible.  We relieve you of the burden of monthly collections and the laundry revenue is fully accounted for by our trained collectors.  Distributions of laundry room revenue are made promptly after a computerized accounting.

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